How TWICE’s Performance on Jimmy Fallon Helped to Introduce K-Pop to America


Over the last few years K pop has experienced a notable rise in popularity within the United States. One significant event that played a role in accelerating this growth was TWICEs’ appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2016. During their performance. TWICE showcased their hit track “Cheer Up. ” which received an overwhelming positive response. Consequently this successful showcase helped introduce not only TWICE but also K pop as a whole to an entirely new group of American fans. To date. The video recording of their performance has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube and remains one of the most sought after K pop videos on the platform.

How TWICE's Performance on Jimmy Fallon Helped to Introduce K-Pop to America


How the Performance Helped to Introduce K-Pop to America

TWICE’s performance on The Tonight Show was very successful due to several contributing factors that happened at that show, we have listed below all the most possible factor for the success.

Firstly, Impeccable timing played a pivotal role. K pop had already begun gathering momentum in the United States. And TWICEs’ performance undoubtedly heightened its appeal for numerous individuals.

Secondly, equally important to highlight is the outstanding execution displayed during the performance itself. The group radiated an irresistible force of energy and undeniable charm. Leaving no room for doubt or disappointment among spectators. Their flawless presentation of “Cheer Up” proved undeniably infectious and delightfully engaging. Furthermore their incorporation of high energy dance moves added an enthralling component that successfully captivated viewers throughout their entire performance.

Thirdly, immense emphasis was placed on promoting the performance across numerous social media platforms. Dedicated fans of TWICE, commonly known as ONCEs, received fervent encouragement to spread the captivating video of this outstanding display on Twitter and other virtual avenues. Undoubtedly, this united effort served as a catalyst in heightening awareness regarding this talented group and fostering admiration for their mesmerizing musical creations.

The Impact of the Performance

The impact of TWICEs’ mesmerizing display on The Tonight Show was undoubtedly significant for the advancement of K pop in America. With this exceptional performance K pop found its way into the hearts of countless new supporters while simultaneously solidifying its legitimacy as a distinct and respected form of music.

Following their performance. The popularity of K pop has steadily soared within the United States. This trend is further reinforced by the remarkable mainstream success attained by various other K pop groups like BTS, Blackpink, and EXO in the country.


When TWICE took to the stage on The Tonight Show. It marked an unforgettable turning point for K pops journey in the United States. Their dazzling performance not only introduced countless new fans to this genre. But it also undeniably confirmed its rightful place within legitimate music styles. As we bask in the success witnessed during this extraordinary event we are reminded of K pops’ unparalleled power and are left eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for this ground breaking genre across United Stated of America.


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