Is Blackpink Coming to Vietnam in 2023? Everything We Know So Far


Blackpink, a highly acclaimed K pop group worldwide has gained immense popularity. Vietnamese fans are eagerly anticipating their visit to the country. Speculations about their arrival in Vietnam in 2023 have circulated, however. No official statements have been made to confirm this news. 

This article aims to provide an overview of Blackpink coming to Vietnam in 2023 highlighting all the available information on the subject. The following aspects will be covered:

  • The rumors about Blackpink’s Vietnam tour
  • The evidence that supports the rumors
  • The evidence that contradicts the rumors
  • What we can expect if Blackpink does come to Vietnam

Is Blackpink Coming to Vietnam in 2023?

The Rumors

Initially circulating around early 2023. Rumors began to percolate regarding Blackpinks Vietnam tour plans. Allegedly. There were discussions about holding a concert in Hanoi during July by the popular group; nevertheless none of these claims were ever substantiated officially by YG Entertainment – who manages and oversees Blackpinks affairs as its management company. However it may be noted that lately such rumors have made yet another comeback into public discourse once again stoking curiosity among fans and followers alike who are eager for updates from their favorite artists’ activities overseas.

 In an interesting twist of events a Vietnamese travel agency unintentionally created even more buzz when it announced ticket sales for what appeared to be a highly anticipated BlackPink concert slated to occur this summer. However. The temporary excitement soon fizzled out as they released an apology statement and a correction indicating the announcement was made in error.

The Evidence

Despite lacking official confirmation at present time there are discernible factors indicating credibility to the ongoing rumors regarding Blackpinks prospective Vietnam tour. One such factor is the groups’ active involvement in promoting their most recent album, “The Album,” within Southeast Asia. Notably. They have organized a fan event in Thailand quite recently and are also slated to captivate audiences with a performance scheduled for August in Singapore. 

Additionally. It is noteworthy to recognize the immense and loyal fan base that Blackpink commands in Vietnam. Evidently. Their YouTube videos have amassed millions of views from Vietnamese viewers while their songs on Spotify have garnered millions of streams as well.

The Evidence Against

Despite the rumors surrounding Blackpinks Vietnam tour. It is important to consider the evidence that contradicts these claims. One significant piece of information is the lack of official details released by YG Entertainment regarding the groups upcoming tour plans. Additionally. It is worth noting that the travel agency responsible for initially announcing the concert in Hanoi has now retracted their statement. These factors challenge the validity of such speculations.

What to Expect

In the event that Blackpink graces Vietnam with their presence in 2023. It is highly probable that their concert will witness an overwhelming surge of public interest. The zealous followers of the group within Vietnam are characterized by an unwavering passion and would ardently anticipate experiencing their captivating live show firsthand. It can be presumed that a large scale venue, like Hanois My Dinh National Stadium would serve as the backdrop for this highly anticipated musical gathering. Given the projected rapid depletion of tickets availability. Enthusiasts should promptly secure their spots if they desire to revel in this much awaited spectacle.


Although there is currently no official confirmation. There appears to be some evidence indicating that Blackpink may potentially visit Vietnam in the year 2023. Should this come to fruition it is expected to result in a highly popular and sought after event leading fans to act swiftly if they wish to secure tickets.


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