Who Has Draya Michele Dated? A Look at Draya Michele Boyfriend List


Draya Michele, a known model, businesswoman and TV personality has been in the spotlight for over ten years due to her captivating presence. Throughout her career she has not gained recognition for her professional accomplishments but also for the vast Draya Michele Boyfriend List. Draya Michele has been romantically linked to athletes and celebrities creating buzz in the media and intriguing her fans and followers. Whether seen with sports figures or mingling among A list personalities, Draya Michele’s romantic connections continue to be a subject of interest in both pop culture and the press. As a figure, in the entertainment industry her personal life never fails to generate intrigue as people eagerly follow her projects and love interests.

Draya Michele Boyfriend List

Here is a list of Draya Michele’s past boyfriends list:

Orlando Scandrick in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele
  • Orlando Scandrick (2010-2012): Scandrick, a NFL cornerback, had a stint with both the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. He entered into a relationship with Draya in 2010. They got engaged this year. However, their relationship came to an end in 2012.


Chris Brown in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Chris Brown and Draya Michele
  • Chris Brown (2011): Chris Brown is a Grammy winning singer and songwriter who had a relationship with Draya for a time period of nine months in 2011. However, their relationship encountered many challenges and frequent arguments that eventually led to their separation, and they parted their ways.


French Montana in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
French Montana and Draya Michele
  • French Montana (2012-2013): Montana is known for his rap skills. Also works as a record producer. He had a relationship with Draya that lasted a year from 2012, to 2013. However, their relationship was said to have its ups and downs leading to their breakup.
Gilbert Arenas in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Gilbert Arenas and Draya Michele
  • Gilbert Arenas (2014): Arenas used to be a point guard in the NBA. He had stints with the Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic. He was romantically involved with Draya for a year, in 2014. However, their relationship didn’t last long. They eventually went their own ways.


Kenyon Martin in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Kenyon Martin and Draya Michele
  • Kenyon Martin (2015): Martin, a retired power forward in the NBA has experience playing for teams such as the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks. He had an involvement with Draya for a year, in 2015. Unfortunately their relationship was not long lasting. They eventually decided to end it.


Bernard Berrian in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Bernard Berrian and Draya Michele
  • Bernard Berrian (2016): Berrian used to be a receiver in the NFL. He played for teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets. He and Draya had a relationship for one year in 2016. However, their love story was brief. They eventually decided to part ways.
Tyrod Taylor in Draya Michele Boyfriend List
Tyrod Taylor and Draya Michele
  • Tyrod Taylor (2017-2020): Taylor is a quarterback who has had stints, with the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins. He and Draya were in a relationship for three years spanning 2017 to 2020. However, their romantic connection came to an end in 2020.

Draya Michele’s Current Relationship Status in 2023

Jalen Green in Draya Michele Boyfriend List 2023

There have been rumours about Draya Michele and Jalen Green dating since February 2023 when they were spotted together in public. Green is a basketball player for the Houston Rockets, aged 21 while Michele is a talented individual, at the age of 38 being an actress, model and entrepreneur. Given their age difference of 17 years it has sparked some curiosity and speculation regarding the nature of their relationship.

Michele and Green haven’t explicitly. Denied the rumours. Their actions haven’t exactly contradicted them either. In fact, there have been instances where they’ve been spotted together recently in August and there are photographs of them holding hands.


The captivating “Draya Michele Boyfriend List” uncovers a past of her entanglements, with celebrated athletes and famous personalities from around the globe. Although certain known relationships have attracted media coverage there have also been speculations linking her to other individuals whose connections are yet to be verified. As time goes on the intrigue surrounding Draya Micheles dating endeavors intensifies leaving us excited to find out who will be the next person she adds to her roster of love interests.


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