Do You Know About ‘Seventeen Big Three Quiz’?


If you happen to be a fan of the K pop sensation Seventeen chances are you are familiar with the renowned “Seventeen Big Three Quiz.” Crafted specifically for enthusiasts like you this quiz serves the purpose of assisting in identifying the three members of Seventeen who bear a striking resemblance to your own persona.

The quiz is designed to assess your personality, interests, and preferences through a series of questions. Upon completion of the quiz you will be provided with a list of your top three matches.

Seventeen Big Three Quiz

How Does the Quiz Work?

The Seventeen Big Three Quiz offers an engaging and one of a kind experience focused on the fascinating concept of the Chinese zodiac. By seamlessly combining personality assessments with the captivating world of astrology this quiz introduces fans to the unique zodiac signs associated with each of the 12 talented members of Seventeen. As you embark on this quiz you are given the opportunity to explore your own psyche contemplating your individuality, interests, and preferences. With thought provoking questions the quiz aims to uncover the intricate nuances of your character enabling a comparison and contrast with the zodiac signs attributed to the Seventeen members. Through this captivating exploration of self and connection to the beloved K pop group a bridge is created between fans and idols fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for both individual and collective journeys of Seventeen and their dedicated supporters.

The quiz employs a scoring mechanism to ascertain your top three matches. Your top three matches will be determined based on the members of Seventeen who possess zodiac signs that bear striking resemblance to yours.

What Are the Benefits of Taking the Quiz?

There are several advantages to taking the Seventeen Big Three Quiz. To begin with it can assist you in gaining additional knowledge about the members of Seventeen. If you are not well acquainted with all of the members this quiz can provide you with a deeper insight into their personalities and interests.

Second, the quiz can help you to find your “big three.” This can be helpful if you’re trying to decide which member of Seventeen you’re most similar to. If you know your “big three,” you can focus on getting to know them better and supporting them.

Third, the quiz can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to test your knowledge of Seventeen and to learn more about the group.

How to Take the Quiz

The Seventeen Big Three Quiz is available online. You can find it by searching for “Seventeen Big Three Quiz” on Google. The quiz is free to take, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.


If you are a fan of Seventeen. We highly suggest participating in the captivating and enlightening Seventeen Big Three Quiz. This quiz not only provides an enjoyable experience but also acts as a valuable resource to enhance your understanding of the group while assisting you in uncovering your personal “big three.” It presents an exhilarating chance to thoroughly explore the realm of Seventeen and examine the distinct qualities that deeply connect with you.


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