How Bella Poarch Became Famous: The Untold Story


Bella Poarch, a widely celebrated social media personality. Has amassed an astonishing 84 million followers on TikTok. Making her the most followed TikToker in the Philippines and one of the most followed globally. It begs the question: How did she achieve such astounding fame? This article aims to uncover the uncharted narrative of Bella Poarchs journey to stardom. We will delve into her early life. Her meteoric rise on TikTok and we will learn how Bella Poarch became famous.

How Bella Poarch Became Famous

Early Life

Bella Poarch, born on February 8 1997 in the Philippines experienced a challenging upbringing due to her familys military background. This resulted in frequent relocations during her formative years. Eventually at the age of 13 Poarch and her family found stability when they settled in the United States. Unfortunately transitioning to a new country presented its own set of difficulties for Poarch. As a teenager. She faced the heavy burden of depression and anxiety. These mental health issues cast a dark cloud over her life. Moreover. She also became a victim of bullying at school. Further exacerbating her struggles. To cope with these overwhelming challenges Poarch resorted to self harm and even contemplated suicide. Poarchs’ journey serves as a poignant reminder of how mental health problems and the harmful consequences of bullying can profoundly impact an individuals’ well being. It sheds light on the urgent need for compassion, support, and understanding within our communities.

Rise to Fame on TikTok

In April 2020. Poarch established her TikTok account and began sharing videos centered around gaming and cosplay. However it was not until August 2020 that her presence truly skyrocketed. On August 17. 2020. She enlivened the platform with a video of herself effortlessly lip syncing to the renowned track “M to the B” by esteemed British rapper Millie B. This particular video swiftly achieved viral status. Propelling Poarch into the upper echelons of TikTok stardom.

The Untold Story

At first there was an element of hesitation within her regarding joining TikTok. She harbored doubts about whether or not she possessed the desired degree of attractiveness required for one to thrive as a TikTok sensation. Nonetheless these concerns were quelled over time as she found motivation by observing other prominent figures on the platform engaging in lip syncing videos. The prospect of utilizing this creative outlet as a means of personal expression sparked interest within her prompting her decision to take part in it herself eventually. Unbeknownst to her at the time was that her “M to the B” video would achieve viral status unexpectedly. Initially. She was merely having some innocent fun and never envisioned capturing much attention from others.

Future Plans

Bella Poarch, being the driven individual she is. Refuses to rest on her laurels. Her ambitious goals for the future include releasing more music establishing her own clothing line and even venturing into acting. Additionally. She utilizes her influential platform to raise awareness about mental health matters. Seeking to aid those battling with depression and anxiety.


A multitude finds solace in drawing inspiration from Bella Poarch’s awe-inspiring journey. Her relentless determination enabled her to surmount numerous obstacles encountered throughout her life, thus positioning her as one of society’s most revered social media luminaries at present. Of particular significance is her praiseworthy commitment towards becoming a remarkable role model for younger generations; leveraging her influential platform effectively to foster substantial transformations on a global scale.


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